Agricultural gypsum is one of the most effective ways for farmers to vastly improve soil treatment in their crops. Gypsum is a rare material that has multiple uses that play a crucial role in soil treatment. According to Dr. Arthur Wallace (PH.D. Soil Science and Plant Nutrition) “If soil structure isn’t right, then nothing is right.” If soil does not obtain a sufficient amount of gypsum, then the plant can be affected with negative soil conditions such as soil compaction, water and air deprivation, and excessive element saturation that affects plant growth.

    This is exactly why so many farmers across the country trust our High Grade Gypsum for their crops. Our 95% Pure Gypsum provides plants with calcium and sulfur which are extremely beneficial for the plant’s overall structure and health. Compared to other minerals used in agricultural farming, gypsum is far more soluble which allows the calcium to penetrate deep into the roots of the plants. Overall, if you are seeking to create better results for your crops, our High Grade Gypsum is the best way to optimize all aspects of crop production and soil treatment.

    Benefits of our proprietary 95% Pure High Grade Agricultural Gypsum

    • Increases Yields by 25%
    • Helps plants absorb more nutrients
    • Breaks up clay in your soil
    • Holds the moisture in your soil longer
    • Stops water runoff and dust erosion
    • Prevents diseases in crops
    • Prevents water logging in soil
    • Decreases Heavy Metal Toxicity
    • Improves water efficiency
    • Supplies fruits with an abundance of calcium
    • Makes the soil softer and easier to till
    • Prevents Soil Crusting
    • Increases seed emergence by 50-100%

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